Complete revision and study package for kerala syllabus S.S.L.C Students.


A perfect blend of engaging video lessons with associated notes, question bank and exams, the app is designed to help students practice, learn and understand concepts in an in-depth and easy-to-grasp manner.;

Students can also try the comprehensive online tutoring program, O tuter-Classes on the app. This program features online classes associated with exams, related short notes, and question bank from that particular portion.

The app covers Mathematics , English, Hindi, Social Science, Biology, Chemistry,and Physics for Kerala syllabus S.S.L.C students. We do help them to jump over the barrier of S.S.L.C exam as it is not at all difficult at all.

The concepts are taught by some of Kerala's best teachers. Every lesson is visualised for better understanding and the program takes students on a personalised learning journey, based on their unique learning style and pace. It also offers adaptive practice, revision and intensive tests to ensure that students have a complete conceptual understanding.

Team O tuter aims at making our students lifelong learners and our team need to help students as mentors in their educational journey.



  • Learn from classes by Kerala’s top teachers, engaging video lessons, and personalised learning journeys. You can try our comprehensive tutoring program,O tuter-Classes as well
  • Practise to perfection with adaptive exercises that ensure complete understanding of concepts
  • Revise with tests and practise sheets. The app comes with an adaptive Warm Up, Sprint, and Race Mode for each chapter
  • Analyse your progress, strengths, and areas of improvement through real-time reports



What’s New

Free trial for O tuter-Classes which includes:

  • Online classes by Kerala’s best teachers
  • More exams
  • More questions

You can book a class for free on the app

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